Saturday 28 November 2009

CONFidence09.02 - post mortem

Well... my plan to blog live from the CONFidence was good but still remained to be more of a plan than a reality. Twitting went much better (possibly because you can twitt between chats with people, drinks, etc) so I'll wrap up what happened and how it went.

The conference was great - I really liked the lectures (those I actually made to), loved the chat with speakers and it was awesome to meet some old friends and make some new contacts. Overall, if you didn't come to Warsaw for CONFidence09.02 you missed quite a lot.

Day 1 summary
There was very nice presentation by Felix "FX" Lindner on how 'awesome' Cisco IOS is, Claudio Criscone (@paradoxengine) talked about security in virtualization environments, Frank Breedijk renamed hist AutoNessus to Seccubus (new twitter feed at @seccubus), Leonardo NVE Egea showed us how you can use the satellites to work as your downlink (and it seemed much easier than actually you would think), Pavol Luptak pretty much owned the RFID there (yes, the basic cloning kit is just รข‚¬30), Elisa dropped the pressure a bit with Power Point Karaoke where Felix "FX" Lindner was presenting about detecting unknown alcohols, Raoul Chiesa gave great presentation about knitting (yes, knitting) and I was rolled into a presentation about IT slang/acronyms and there was something about insulting someone :-) and that was just the first day.

Day 2 summary
For those that survived the 'afterparty' on the evening/night/morning you had a chance to see nice explanation of the cold boot attack given by Nadia Heninger, Nick DePetrillo discussed 'what could go wrong' with intelligent power grids and believe me... there's a lot! Jacob Applebaum (@ioerror) gave us some TOR love and a lot of TOR laptop stickers. Alessio "mayhem" Penasilico (@mayhemspp) and Raoul Chiesa gave nice presentation on history of hacking telcos - there was some good info there... just before Raoul killed it all with final presentation dissecting the underground economy (with some slides show just after the cameras and other recording equipment was turned off). That was a really good one...

Finishing off, Frank has posted a bunch of posts about presentations we saw in Warsaw. They are:

That's it for now - just make sure you get there next time :P

Thursday 19 November 2009

Claudio Criscione - Virtualization security

Claudio gave today brilliant presentation about virtualization security... Just a few bullet points from the presentation.

  • It turned out that VMWare hypervisor is running Tomcat to give you the admin interface - oldie (shall I read it 'unpatched') but goldie, right?
  • You can do MiTM against VMWare VI Client... and as presented at the demo, that works like a charm, plus...
  • ... if you can MiTM you can pwn the box - clients.xml that is served by the server contains a URL of the client .exe to be executed - boom, you can change that!
Just to give you the idea - during live demo Claudio forced the admin PC (the one running VI Client) to format drive C: and there was no option to stop it, it pretty much kicked off right away.

There was much more than that - also Xen and Ubuntu got their share here but the practical demo was based on VMWare.

Lessons learned?
Treat VM hosts and their apps just as another computer, another system and make sure you secure them the same way as any other system. Think of patch management and what happens when you revert to a snapshot (it may be old and unpatched so you bring back unpatched or already compromised system), think of separation of duties and access (physical and logical).

CONFidence09.02 - day 1 kicked off

Almost half of the day at CONFidence09.02 has already passed. Some interesting stuff of course...

Starting with Dragorn's and RenderMan's "Wireless threats; They're not dead yet!" we've heard once again how bad and how dead WEP really is. Good refresher for some people I guess. Best part was discussing client side attacks via wifi - airpwn style but without goats this time, using malicious JS with such a nice feature like browser side caching, defeating SSL, hiding all of that in plain sight with call-home feature that will be very hard to notice in most of environments.

Then I skipped several presentations - I really needed a reboot :-)

Next one I made to was Felix "FX"Lindner talking about how sweet hacking Cisco IOS can be. Frank (@autonessus) has already blogged about this one so I'll just put a few notes here.
  • Cisco's HTTP admin interface runs off their understanding of HTTP and not Apache.
  • IOS doesn't have recovery procedure for software crashes due to it's monolithic structure - the only remedy is to reboot the whole box (quite easy to spot even by untrained admin - the networkz are down!) which takes time (even several minutes).
  • Cisco has added TCL scripting in some versions of IOS :-)

More to follow... and yes, we use #confidence0902 as hashtag.