Tuesday 18 March 2008

Migration finished

For quite a long time I was investigating different blogging platforms and finally I've made my choice - move away from WordPress to Movable Type. My requirements were rather simple - host entries, be able to publish code snippets, maybe some photos from time to time... I prefer static HTML instead of tons of PHP scripts running to display any single page. I don't expect being 'slashdotted' :-) I just want to keep it simple (K.I.S.S.).

Also another major change is that I have decided to drop Polish language in my posts -
new posts will be only in English, only 1 post will be published in
Polish - one that was the most popular so far but it will be also translated to English. Maybe later it will happen, that something will appear in Polish - who knows... but certainly main language for this blog from now on will be English.

Old comments have been lost during the move :-( and some irrelevant articles were intentionally removed. Also some things are not configured yet - that includes comments, trackbacks, etc - I will work on it when I have a bit of time. As for now that's all I can do - more soon :)

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