Wednesday 26 August 2009

Microsoft's EPIC FAIL

Probably everyone has seen it already... It hit yesterday getting to the top of the front page, BBC wrote about it, it was all over Twitter, and got even it's own video clip/mockup, etc. Simply the best FAIL!

BBC did a great job in capturing it (see BBC link above for full article) - I was too slow to do a screen shot this time :-/ I have removed the image from here - don't want to upset BBC by copying their content without permission (although probably I might call it on fair use policy - anyway just see the links above and that's it).

Funny enough link on that points to is no longer valid (404 win!) and Microsoft has replaced the image to be as the original one (oops - forgot to resize orange bar below the text - that happens if you have rocket a up your ****), but no worries, you have faithful users on the Internet :-D
Funny is funny, we all make mistakes, but when thing turn ugly... people send emails with images like those two I got in the last hour.

Sorry for no attribution here to the authors of the mockups - got it in via email, no attribution in there but anyway WELL DONE!

Not that I don't like Microsoft... but is that a Mac on the desk? Wohooo!

Please don't get me wrong - it's just funny - nothing more. We all make mistakes and one day people will laugh at us the same way as we laugh at Microsoft today. They are bigger and more publicity means more laugh if things go the wrong way. I feel really sorry for the person that signed off the image release, but I couldn't resist not to write about it - I'm Polish :-)

Now... give them a break - seriously - and get back to work!

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