Saturday 1 March 2014

Running AirView2 [EoL] on Windows 8.1

This is purely "note to self" type post for getting End-of-Life AirView2 device (introduced here) to run under the latest version of Windows.

The AirView2 requires an app and a driver. AirView tool installer (msi format) that checks the OS version and aborts installation if it's different than XP or Vista. The viewer app is written in Java but the AirView2 needs a driver as well (technically it will show up as simple COM port afterwards).

Manual Installation:

  1. Download and install Java JRE (ouch!)
  2. Download the latest software (32 or 64bit) from
  3. Manually unpack the MSI file to some location. In command line window this goes like:
    msiexec /a AirView-Spectrum-Analyzer-v1.0.11_win32-setup.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\AirView2
  4. Plug in the dongle into USB port and go to the Device Manager - you will see AirView2 having driver issues. Update driver and tell Windows to look for a new one under C:\AirView2
  5. Double click on airview-o.jar to run the app - happy scanning!
AirView app doesn't care where it was unpacked so you can move it anywhere you want to ;-)

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