Tuesday 27 October 2009

Twitter, SPAM and zombie hookers

twitspim.png Came out of a blue - no context, nothing... BTW - we've got new URL shortening service.
All would be almost 'fine' but WTF is that? Not that I wouldn't guess but I'm just curious how owned you can get :-)

As a matter of fact, you can get owned pretty bad and what I've seen I would expect to be just a starter... the main course is coming soon!

WARNING: All the information provided in this post is available on the Internet. Links presented on screen shots should be considered malicious - do not visit them unless you really know what you are doing. You have been warned.

Just as your mother told you...

The best way IMHO to check stuff like that is the old school way...

Looks broken, right... redirect ok - that's what I've expected, but then... hold on - Client-Peer IP is not mine in any way... so who owns this one?

Isn't that just sweet? You go to a website and the traffic goes via proxy somewhere in China. Well - that's not all in fact. Let's grab a clean VM, make snapshot just in case, connect - let's see what a sexy girl has to offer, right?


Don't to that at work or you may get strange looks from people around (at best) ;-)

The Bait

Page loads and looks like a blog - that's what the URL would suggest, but if you look in the source... I said THE SOURCE, not the boobs on the page!

Right... in the source you find the gems. First of all the page is using GeoIP JavaScript include from Maxmind - we all know it works well - to give the reader more personalized experience when you read the story (don't even tell me you are still looking at the photos - lol). As an effect the page resolves that I connect from IP address in London and that the poor girl comes from 'a small town near London , H9' and has to work as a stripper to pay her college fees...

London, H9... hold on - London doesn't have H9 post code (although on the page it looks like it was a part of address). GeoIP information is used in several places and looks quite... convincing... as long as you focus on the boobies... oh and forget about the fact that the bottom of the page says 'She is single boys!!!! She lives in my hometown of London' - right, somebody doesn't even have a spell check :-]

The Shot

Let's look at the gems on the top shelf... I don't have a lot of time to look at it properly, so just quick bullet points:

  1. We have a JavaScript that contains two functions 'encoding' their input. Well kind of encoding because it uses ord() to do it and it seems the author is not very skilled, but anyway - he/she managed to produce working code
  2. Call to encode function with referrer URL given as parameter - why someone is trying to steal my referrer info?
  3. JavaScript print out an IFRAME linking to HTML file and passes encoded string as a parameter. The file came back empty, but GET string is left in their logs :-)
Getting the referrer string doesn't look that bad... right? Anyway, why do they want to know where am I coming from? Is that like SEO and affiliate tracking for malware? Interesting!

Post Mortem

Not much of it... As I said I don't have time to play with it properly and see if for example I actually get something from this 'empty' html file. It would be trivial to provide further payload if the victim provides properly encoded referrer string that is of attacker's interest.
How effective it would be if the bad guys used this just to check via which channel the victim came to them (they can also find out which channels are the most successful - it's just like marketing campaigns)? The next logical step would be to provide customized exploit - if victim came from Twitter do bad stuff to a Twitter user, Facebook - get them owned on Facebook, etc.

Surely the guys are learning and their intentions are not good. Keep an eye out and don't get yourself fooled!

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