Friday 23 October 2009

Windows 7 Haz Cheezburgerz!


Came via e-mail from one of 'marketing' guys so I don't know the real origin (except obvious one) but the sender's comment was spot on!

Look at the monster burger. It's five inches tall and of course is made with seven beef patties in honor of Windows 7. What's the message here? Eat this burger to feel as slow and bloated as Windows? I don't get it.

... and neither do I but as a poster it's a nice one for laugh. In fact Windows 7 is so much faster than Vista that there is nothing to compare ;-) so Burger King should be selling V-shaped burgers some time ago when Vista came out. Well - never mind... but thanks for this e-mail and a good laugh :-)

BTW. If there is a person that would understand what the advert is all about (and I don't mean translating the text) or can see the 'hidden message', please enlighten me :-)

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